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Join us for the 2016 Racing Season at
Buster Ingram Memorial Raceway!

Membership Fees

Below is our yearly membership fee. Please keep in mind that this is a member’s owned facility operated by the CLMA. As a member it is up to you to help preserve and keep our facility safe so we can continue to enjoy it for years to come. All CLMA Directors are volunteers and put in countless hours to keep this facility going. Doing your part to help will insure we are able to continue keeping our fees as low as we can. During your pre track inspection ride don’t just make note of a rock on the track please stop and remove it from the track. Please use the garbage bins supplied and help keep our grounds clean. Ensure the gate is closed and locked at all times. If you see any hazards or unsafe conditions please try and protect others from it and report it immediately to the CLMA.

2015 Membership Fees: (2016 Fees to be announced, if any changes)
  • $230.00 for family***
  • $150.00 for single
  • $75.00 for the mini track + $25 for additional dependants (Mini track only)
*** We define family as legal guardian/s and dependants under the age of 18 and residing in the same home. (Some situations may be unique so if you have questions please contact us prior to visiting one of our 3 membership sales counters)
Our 3 available locations for memberships are also supporters and volunteers for the CLMA so please be courteous and polite when getting your membership, they all have a business to run so customers will be attended to in order of priority.

Pick up your membership from one of the following three locations

Power Merchants, Cold Lake
5606 54 St, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1K5
(780) 594-4499

Riders Connection, Cold Lake
4012 50 St, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1S6
(780) 594-7433

 RONA, Cold Lake
3401 50 St, Cold Lake, AB T9M 1K6
(780) 594-3693

2016 is looking to be another exciting year and
we look forward to seeing you out there!

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