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Join us for the 2016 Racing Season at
Buster Ingram Memorial Raceway!

Track Rules

The Cold Lake Motocross Association track is a members only track so remember you are the owner. It is the responsibility of everyone to insure the rules are being followed and it is up to you to intervene or report any issues you see. We have made several commitments to the City of Cold Lake and our insurance to insure we operate a facility that is safe for everyone to enjoy. If we want to continue to have the luxury of having such a great facility at our disposal we all need to take responsibility for its safe keeping.


Please read and abide by the following rules:

1- Waiver and Indemnity form must be read and signed prior to riding.

2- Any riders under 14 years old must have constant adult supervision while on club property.

3- Ride at your own risk, all risks inherent in this sport are your own responsibility.

4- Mandatory protective equipment that must be worn while riding:

Snell /DOT rated Helmet.

-Boots (no sneakers) as described in CMRC rule book: They must be at least eight inches high with either laces, buckles or zippers or specially designed and constructed for leg, foot and ankle protection.

-Pants, (no shorts or cut-offs) the whole leg must be covered.  To race, protective pants made of nylon, leather or other durable materials must be worn in all competition.  Jeans are acceptable if the rider is not racing against anybody.

-Long sleeve jerseys or sweater must be worn (no T-shirts or sleeveless shirts).

-Goggles must be shatterproof and have to be worn at all times while riding.

-Gloves must be worn while riding.

-Chest Protector, knee braces, neck braces and knee pads are highly recommended but not mandatory.


5- No riding under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

6- Never ride in the opposite direction.

7- Respect younger and downed riders.

8- Close and lock gates.

9- No riding alone, another person with a cell phone must remain at the track.

10- No vehicles on the track other than motocross bikes and race quads as defined in the current CMRC rule book.

11- Club members will be held responsible for their guest’s fees and behavior.

12- No riding on track while maintenance equipment is working.

13- Bikes and ATVs will be held to the current CMRC noise and fitness standards as set out in the CMRC Rules.

14- No riding or “hanging out” at the track before 9:00 am or after 21:00 (9:00 pm).

15- No firearms on society property.

16- No unauthorized use of fireworks.

17- The CLMA has the right to restrict access to the track for an event or due to bad track condition.

18- No driving or riding on the soft ground beside the track.

19- All OHV must be hauled to the track , the ridding of any OHV to our facility is strictly prohibited and enforced.

Anyone found to be in violation of the rules will be asked to leave our facility and your membership
will be revoked without refund. If needed the local authorities will be notified and called.

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2016 is looking to be another exciting year and
we look forward to seeing you out there!

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